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Watch Alice Phoebe Lou and Maisie Williams perform Galaxies with Majestic Casual

Alice Phoebe Lou, her band, as well as Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams – better known as kingslayer Arya Stark – are set adrift in Berlin’s Zeiss Planetarium.

“The planetarium in Berlin has become a home for me over the last few years, playing countless concerts in the dome evolving the show every time to become an immersive experience,” Lou tells “Making this session was really special to me, from putting together a concept with Maisie and Majestic Casual, to finally having the magic of the planetarium shows on film. Over the years I’ve enjoyed collaborating with different artists from varying disciplines and this was a beautiful meeting of minds. And of course the song was incredibly fitting to the environment, “Galaxies” – a song I wrote with Harry Charles.”

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