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Watch Beatenberg’s new video for “Ode To The Berg Wind”

Beatenberg are back with a breezy new video for “Ode to the Berg Wind” premiering this week on The Fader. This second single of their latest album, 12 Views of Beatenberg, is set for release on December 14th, just in time for a warm and windy festive season.

“As a child in Cape Town I was told that the warm, rain-bringing wind that put me in a wild and important-seeming mood was called a ‘berg wind.’ With the title, I had “Ode to the West Wind” by Percy Shelley in mind. I wanted to make some sort of mock-sincere-but-mainly-sincere tribute to a wind I loved, but I was also ready to embrace whatever comical failure such an effort might involve. While I was writing the lyrics there was a very bad drought in Cape Town. The song seems to have a lot to do with kinds of dryness, and there seems to be something wrong with the wind addressed in it. Although waves and tears are mentioned, both of those are salty and not fit to drink.”
— Matt Field