The Playground Reviews DJ Lag’s Debut Album And Names It Album Of The Week

Meeting With The King plays out like an expertly structured DJ set. The sequencing of the album is excellent, carrying us from the more melodic and lighter sides of Lag to his most dark and foreboding carefully. We are guided into the various tones of the album through phases and shades, rather than sharp U-turns or jarring contrasts. It makes for a beguiling experience, and one that speaks volumes towards Lag as a visionary in South African dance music. Having already achieved this status without the formality of an album, Meeting With The King serves as a milestone that bookends the first chapter of Lag’s journey and legacy. From this point onwards, he has earned the freedom to explore things outside of the uthayela scope like never before, and one gets the sense that he’s been ready for this for some time. Meeting With The King has secured his throne.” Review by: The Playground Team

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