Morena Leraba features on Mawimbi’s ‘Bubbling’ Album

Morena Leraba are among the collaborators in Paris-based Mawimbi’s debut album Bubbling.

Long recognised for their role in championing and releasing Afro-electro artists through their own label and events, Bubbling features collaborations born out of the connections the collective has made over the past eight years.

Morena Leraba feature alongside Spoek Mathambo and Mawimbi on album standout, “Malumbe” which showcases the Afro-electro sound that defines the whole release. “It’s about paying tribute to the forefathers and the brothers and sisters in arms across the world,” says Mawimbi. “Bubbling seeks to connect geographically, separate but spiritually similar club sounds”.

Over the past eight years, Mawimbi has released records from Lya, Onipa, Afriquoi and James Stewart and brought established artists to Paris, among them Auntie Flo, Africaine 808, Awesome Tapes From Africa and Esa. Through the release of Bubbling, Mawimbi is unveiling its members’ identities as producers and musicians in their own right. “Bubbling refers to the many ideas, encounters and projects that the collective have come into contact with over the past years,” says Mawimbi. “It is a collage of relationships and shared experiences, shaped by nascent friendships and musical encounters.”

Alongside Morena Leraba and Mathambo, other collaborations on Bubbling include “El Caribe” (feat. Ghetto Kumbé), “Ngana” (feat. FatimKouyaté) and “Kakraa” (feat. K.O.G).

Bubbling available on Spotify here and Apple Music here

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