Continuadores chat with Nova about their Sakifo experience

New-Mozambique outift Ailton Matavela (aka TRKZ) and Tiago Correia-Paulo of Continuadores had a chat with Raphaelle Pluskwa of Nova about their audio-visual performance at Sakifo 2019. With a shimering review of their goose-pimple inducing performance on the beach, we’ll leave the words to the writers who managed to witness them in the flesh:

“The quest for hope is a small piece of what emerges from these chiaroscuro games, which the members of Continuadores propose both in their lyrics and in their scenography, along with the visuals that accompany it. The path of death to life, and the need for everyone to accept his share of darkness to enter the light is a very romantic metaphor, like Ailton Matavela and Tiago Correia-Paullo. As for us, we remain in the shade until the release of an album or their coming to France for a concert, that we hope will be next…”

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