The Fader features K$ in Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Africa Documentary

K$, along with other well-established local gems YoungstaCPT, Dope Saint Jude and Aux Womdantso have caught the eye of Ballantine’s Boiler Room in a new documentary setting the scene for independent young creatives who do it all on their own terms.

“You have to play a lot of roles to gain any traction as a young independent DJ in 2018. K-$ makes it look pretty effortless. With an endlessly endearing online presence, plenty of gigs modeling stylish local gear brands like 2bop, and crowded rooms shouting along to his live sets, the young artist seems well-equipped to take on the challenge of making his own wave. And while K-$’s sense of style is as modern as it gets, his DJ sets are full of warm nostalgic pop and deep-cut 70s/80s grooves.”

Not bad.

Read the rest here over at The Fader.