Africa Express releases studio album EGOLI feat. Sibot & BCUC

Music collective Africa Express’ new album EGOLI is out today on the newly created Africa Express Records. Africa Express travelled to South Africa in January last year to complete an electronic album in just 7 days, a week of discovery, collaboration and music-making. The result is EGOLI – 18 tracks capturing the fresh, joyous sounds of Afro Futurism, straight out of Johannesburg. Featured artists include Damon Albarn, Blue May, Gruff Rhys, Georgia, Ghetts, Mr Jukes, Nick Zinner, Remi Kabaka, Otim Alpha and Poté as well as emerging and established stars of the buzzing South African music scene including BCUC, Blk Jks, Dominowe, Faka, Infamous Boiz, DJ Spoko, Mahotella Queens, Moonchild Sanelly, Muzi, Morena Leraba, Nonku Phiri, Radio 123, Sibot, Sho Madjozi, Zola 7, Zolani Mahola (Freshly Ground) and Maskandi guitar legend Phuzekhemisi.

“JOHANNESBURG is an embodiment of what Africa Express means to me. Three artists meeting, bonding and writing something so real and honest in a hut at 4.00 am. This song reminded me just how powerful and simple music can be. It completely destroyed my demons and set fire to a new chapter as a producer.”
— Sibot

“It was such a pleasure to be part of such a special project. This album goes far beyond just a record it is an example of the rich, modern & pioneering sounds coming out of South Africa. Absolute honour to have been involved. Africa Express is such an important platform & collective.”
— Georgia

“Being a part of such a diverse and deep musical project was so dope. We were like kids in a candy store where you just walk in to any of these crazy little studios packed with incredible musicians, and you could make any genre of music from futuristic rave to ballads with legendary stars. I loved every minute of it and I wrote music till my heart was on fire”
Moonchild Sanelly

Track listing for EGOLI:

  1. Welcome
    Africa Express ft. Phuzekhemisi
  2. City In Lights
    Africa Express ft. Georgia, Mahotella Queens, Otim Alpha, Nick Zinner
  3. The River
    Africa Express ft. Muzi, Zola 7, Mahotella Queens
  4. Bittersweet Escape
    Africa Express ft. Mr Jukes, Nonku Phiri, BCUC
  5. Johannesburg
    Africa Express ft. Sibot, Gruff Rhys, Morena Leraba, Radio 123
  6. Become The Tiger
    Africa Express ft. Sibot, Damon Albarn, Mr Jukes
  7. Africa To The World
    Africa Express ft. Infamous Boiz, Dominowe, Otim Alpha, Mahotella Queens, Nick Zinner, Remi Kabaka, Radio 123
  8. Absolutely Everything Is Pointing Towards The Light
    Africa Express ft. Gruff Rhys, Zolani Mahola
  9. Where Will This Lead Us To?
    Africa Express ft. Moonchild Sanelly, Radio 123, Blue May
  10. Mama
    Africa Express ft. Otim Alpha, Georgia, Radio 123
  11. No Games
    Africa Express ft. Sho Madjozi, Poté, Moonchild Sanelly, Ghetts, Muzi, Radio 123
  12. Morals
    Africa Express ft. Moonchild Sanelly, Mahotella Queens, Muzi, Mr Jukes
  13. Taranau
    Africa Express ft. Otim Alpha, Gruff Rhys
  14. The Return Of Bacardi
    Africa Express ft. DJ Spoko, FAKA
  15. Sizi Freaks
    Africa Express ft. Infamous Boiz, Moonchild Sanelly
  16. Twirl
    Africa Express ft. Ghetts, Poté
  17. I Can’t Move
    Africa Express ft. Damon Albarn, Moonchild Sanelly, Mr Jukes, Sibot, Blue May
  18. See The World
    Africa Express ft. Mahotella Queens, Damon Albarn, Gruff Rhys

Here’s what the press have had to say:

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“…a collaboration to stir the senses”
— The Guardian

“Egoli translates from Xhosa as “city of gold”, a fitting title for an album that offers its riches so freely”
– Q Magazine

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Get it on vinyl via Roastin’ Records here.