AFRICA EXPRESS presents strong ‘EGOLI’ a documentary film by Denholm Hewlett

Featured artists include: Morena Leraba, BCUC, Damon Albarn, DJ Spoko, FAKA, Georgia, Ghetts, Gruff Rhys, Infamous Boiz, Moonchild Sanelly, Mr Jukes, Muzi, Remi Kabaka and Zolani Mahola

Listen to the soundtrack HERE

Music collective Africa Express is excited to share a new short film by Denholm Hewlett.  The film documents the Africa Express South Africa trip, featuring an incredible group of visiting musicians including Damon Albarn, Blue May, Gruff Rhys, Georgia, Ghetts, Mr Jukes, Nick Zinner, Remi Kabaka, Otim Alpha and Poté alongside emerging and established stars of the buzzing South African music scene including BCUC, Dominowe, Faka, Infamous Boiz, DJ Spoko, Mahotella Queens, Moonchild Sanelly, Muzi, Morena Leraba, Nonku Phiri, Sibot, Zola 7, Zolani Mahola and Maskandi guitar legend Phuzekhemisi.
“This film, chronicling the creation of EGOLI in Johannesburg, captures one of the most inspiring and memorable experiences of my life.  A euphoric week of free-flowing collaboration, fascinating characters, immersive sounds and infectious creativity.  The format of a musical workshop with the energy of an international music festival.  This film captured the raw spirit of Africa Express’s creative ethos and their cross-cultural mission to unite African and Western musicians to create powerful new musical connections.  I was lucky enough to be placed right in the heart of their latest experiment and told to capture the beautiful chaos unfolding around me.”   ~ Denholm Hewlett, film director

Africa Express travelled to South Africa with the goal of recording a new collaborative album in just 7 days.  This intense week of discovery, collaboration and music-making resulted in an 18 track album, an 4 track EP, a sold-out live show on the roof of an abandoned sports hall, and now this joyful documentary film.  The film captures not just the music making process, but unique and poignant moments of connection between artists.  It comes to you straight out of Johannesburg.  

Praise for EGOLI:

“Africa Express is so real and honest… reminded me just how powerful and simple music can be. It completely destroyed my demons and set fire to a new chapter”Sibot
“Absolute honour to be involved. Africa Express is such an important platform & collective”Georgia 
“Such a diverse and deep musical project. Crazy studios packed with incredible musicians, and you could make any genre of music.  My heart was on fire”Moonchild Sanelly

EGOLI is available on CD, vinyl and digital download. Order HERE 

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